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Email the leaders of The Katy Tea Party Patriots at:

Other networking groups:
 Katy Tea on


9 responses to “Contact Us

  1. The Tea Party leaders are doing a wonderful job. I will donate.

  2. Jennifer & Kris, Heads up -House to vote on cap & trade friday — This means call Reps in the area first – not sure why sites are having senators listed first (Mark Levin put out word last night to call House on this) (Laura Ingraham put word this morning P2TP – Waxman & Markey). Next from Roy Beck, Pres.,Numbers USA : Call on Amnesty to Cornyn before he approaches Gov. Perry. Source Lone Star Times. I suggest throwing in no to health care plan. Sorry not much help – busy kid month for me.

  3. Jeanne Hartranft

    I am not seeing alot of traffic on this website. Is facebook used more?
    I would like to get more involved. What can I do to help?
    Jeanne Hartranft

    • Hi Jeanne: Thank you for your interest in Katy Tea! Yes, we are using Facebook quite a lot. We’re having a meeting Thursday evening 6:30 p.m. at Cinco Ranch Library. Come join us!
      Linda Harnist

  4. Want to Join

    • Hi Tommy; join our meeting Thursday evening at 6:30 pm Cinco Ranch Library. We’ll add you to our email list too!
      Linda Harnist
      Katy Tea

  5. Great blog. You are doing a good job. Let’s see what we can do to get the traffic up.

  6. Truly believe we need to keep big govt. at bay,promote capitalism to stimulate our economy, and keep a tighter reign on our borders, BUT.. we need to search for a republican leader strong enough to break through the dems.rose colored rhetoric,and appeals to the thier “gimme” “gimme” Hands out followers…

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