About Us

We are a grass roots effort to draw attention and collectively educate and promote public attention to the governments liberal spending, taxing and lack of adherence to our constitutional rights.
You just might be a Tea Party Patriot if you believe in the importance of:
1. The sovereignty of the United States.
2. That all Men and Women are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness
3. To secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men and Women, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, not just for those governing
4. We the People of the United States, to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do unite behind the Constitution of the United States.
5. We believe the fundamental basis of government is to protect the people within from outside and inside adversaries who would destroy the founding principles of this country.
6. To reaffirm the importance of the oath of office at all levels of government to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.
7. That no money shall be drawn from the Treasury but in consequence of appropriations made by law for government expenses and not for private corporations traded on any stock exchange.
8. That the federal government do those duties for the people that the people can not do for themselves. Included are those duties specifically spelled out in Section 8 of Article 1 of the Constitution.
9. That powers, not delegated to the United States by the Constitution nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the people.
10. That now is the time for all good peoples to stand up and be counted in respecting those liberties inspired by our Constitution and fought for by our forefathers demanding there be no taxation without representation.

It is time for America to WAKE UP.

This video is a good representation of our hopes and our fears.


7 responses to “About Us


  2. welcome Mikel

  3. Please add to your email list

  4. Please add me also to you r email list. Thank you

  5. I have attended your meeting in the past and wish to donate by mail. I can find no mailing address?

  6. Ronald D Thompson

    My wife, Deb, and I had the great good fortune to attend the “Restoring Honor” rally held on the Lincoln National Memorial on 8/28 and it was fabulous. Here are a few of our observations and comments.

    The event started at 10 am on Saturday morning. Deb and I arrived at the Lincoln memorial at 12:30 am. We spent a gorgeous night just sitting around with thousands of other people trying to get there early enough for a “good spot”. Basically we watched people arrive for 9 hours. This was a religious revival to bring America back to God. It opened with a very powerful prayer (given by Pastor Paul who is a direct descendant from the Mayflower). It honored the founding fathers – especially George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. It honored all military service men and women. It donated 5 million dollars to SOWF (Special Operations Warrior Foundation). It included some well known people, Sarah Palin, speaking as a mother of a soldier and Alveda King speaking as the niece of Martin Luther King. It gave us some real life heroes – Pastor Charles Lewis Jackson (Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church from Houston, Texas). He represented FAITH. Albert Pujols represented HOPE (honesty, integrity, trust). He spoke briefly about baseball and the Pujols Family Foundation for downs syndrome individuals. Jon M. Huntsman represented CHARITY. He wrote a book called “Winners Never Cheat”. He is the founder of the Huntsman Cancer Institute. He has donated billions to charity. He was not actually in attendance at the rally because he was attending an important family event – but he was given the “Charity award”. There were stories of 3 military men, who had survived truly remarkable situations. Then of course Glenn Beck spoke… time to restore America and restore honor in this country. He gave specific teaching on how we as individuals can “make a difference”– on how we as individuals can be better people– on how we as individuals can turn back to God– on how we can teach all of these things to our children. The crowd was (we think) 700,000, average Americans, just like Deb and myself, who are conservative, Christians wanting God back in our country, our government and our schools (just that in itself was a miracle). The crowd was friendly, even in an unfriendly situation like being tired, hungry, hot, and in close proximity to one another. We didn’t see for ourselves, but we believe that there was no trash left at this event like there was for the inauguration of President Obama. There were 240 religious leaders there, from all faiths, standing together. While these people from different faiths don’t all believe the same religious philosophy – they do all believe that “returning to God” is the answer. The entire event ended with a very moving arrangement of Amazing Grace and another very powerful closing prayer. We truly believe that this will be the beginning of a movement – the beginning of an awakening of a sleeping giant – the awakening of the conservative Christians in this country. At least there are 700,000 people out there that have been strengthened, motivated, and unified. And their lives will be changed forever. An interesting underlying idea, from Glenn Beck, is that somewhere out there in that crowd might be a child, who 25 years from now might be another “George Washington”, someone with integrity, honor, faith, hope, and charity to lead our nation.

    The rally was not political but it will have dramatic affects on upcoming political events. But if people are only thinking about the upcoming election, they are mostly missing the point. But for a moment let’s just talk politics. These are just a few thoughts brought on by the rally.

    Yes, one of the things we must do is rise up and bring about significant changes in the upcoming election. We believe this will happen. What’s even more important, though, is what happens after the election. That is when we must hold the newly elected men’s and women’s feet to the fire and make sure they follow through and do what we send them there to do. Furthermore, to think that one election is enough is naïve. Although, we would like to think differently, we almost certainly will not be entirely successful this first try. In fact, it may take years to get rid of some of the worst (and most entrenched) Congressmen and Congresswomen. Secondly, only a third of the Senate is standing for election this year. It will take at least four more years to complete just the initial Senate cleaning. Finally, it will take 30-40 years just to undo the damage already done to the Supreme Court in the past year. What we are talking about is a very long term effort.

    And that brings us back to what is really important and it isn’t just the political impact. What is really important is that we must make changes in ourselves and help those around us to do the same. And that brings us to the real reason for this post. We do need to return to God. We do need to re-educate ourselves about our Judeo-Christian founding. We do need to be humbly thankful to God who has providentially given us this great land and nation. We do need to focus on Faith, Hope and Charity. We do need to improve ourselves by prayer and scripture study. We do need to pay our tithing. We do need to honor those who have sacrificed so much so that we can enjoy this greatest nation on earth. We do need to do a better job of educating our children about all of these things. We do need to be honest in ALL our doings. We do need to treat our spouses, children, grandchildren, neighbors, employers and employees fairly, honestly, charitably and compassionately. If we individually begin to do these things, and help and encourage others around us to do the same, the rest will take care of itself naturally.

  7. Douglas Newland

    Ronald thank you for sharing that…I agree 100%. I am a carpenter by trade so don’t have a lot to give in the way of money, but I will give of my time to help in whatever capacity that I can.

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