Politicians Virus is Spreading Locally

by Bill Proctor

It appears that a new virus has infected politicians. It was first identified as the DC THA2 virus (Congressional Town Hall Avoidance). That is the strain of virus that members of Congress contracted after the first series of town halls in the spring of this year. It is recognized by the unwillingness of our elected national representatives to meet with their constituents at town hall meetings. It has persisted ever since the spring. I fear it is possible that it has spread to locally elected officials who propose one of the largest bonds; about one half a billion dollars in Katy’s history. This would increase the taxpayer debt of Katy residents to almost one billion dollars. Our preliminary diagnosis is that Katy ISD is exhibiting all of the symptoms of this fatal virus. 

Citizens of the district have asked the school board members to have a dialogue and provide additional information about this bond election. Information provides people with the truth as our Superintendent so eloquently stated in his Convocation for ISD personnel this year. 

The Katy Tea Party Patriots have issued an invitation to every board member to attend a public dialogue session on October 16th. We realize that some of the school board members have professional and personal obligations that will not allow them to attend. Surely not every school board member has personal obligations that afternoon. 

The school board seemed to have a memory lapse that the citizen’s in the community would also be giving up family time and other engagements so that they could participate in the dialogue. You see Katy Tea Party selected a Saturday afternoon. This was so that they forum could have the maximum exposure to the public.

The Katy Tea Party Patriots will not take a position on this bond election but will provide the taxpayers with all the information that they are able to obtain about the items listed in the call. As an educational organization, Katy Tea is a strong supporter of education and recognizes the need for additional facilities in the district. 

We do not want to see teachers laid off, programs cut, or children in metal buildings. However, considering that one in every ten homes in the nation is in foreclosure and the unemployment rate is close to ten percent, the most prudent course of action would be for the board to prioritize the needs in the bond call and only ask for those items that are essential to begin working on this year. 

We do not want the taxpayers to have to “pass the bond issue to see what is in it” but to have enough information to make an informed decision for themselves and the future of education in our district.


3 responses to “Politicians Virus is Spreading Locally

  1. Love your post. This needs to be said. You should read what we have to say at http://www.satireNow.com.

    Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Barack Obama will never have to know you’ve visited.

  2. Hey,
    Are there any actions/meetings anything coming up to protest this? I think we might want to put up signs comparing Katy with the Los Angeles Taj Majal school.

  3. Cynthia M Langley

    Having attended two Katy I$D board meetings, I have come to the decision that we have an unhealthy situition, and maybe a dictatorship. In Bryan & College Station, we had healthy, open school boards that publicly discussed and debated policies and issues. We trusted them because we knew what happened. They did not hide anything from the citizens.
    In Katy, the school board is scripted puppets with plastic faces that spend the time telling us how good they are. Results based schools do not need to back their own backs. Questions are not allowed.
    We get the kind of government that we tolerate. If you are unsatisfied with the school board’s actions, you can vote against the bonds now and run against the members until we get it right.

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