In all of my thirty four years of working at the local and state level in education I never once heard of an Administration of a District, Community College or University checking the voting records of its employees. If not outright workplace harassment this practice is totally unethical. Whether stated or not in Superintendent Frailty’s presentation there is surely an implication that all employees should register to vote. Americans have the opportunity to register to vote but there is nothing in the Constitution of the United States of America that requires citizens to register to vote. The decision to register is a personal freedom. 

Not only can a person obtain the voter registration status of those eligible to vote in the county or residence, their vote by party can be obtained for how they vote in primary elections for as long as they have voted in primaries. It is not within the realm of an employer to infringe on this personal freedom. I believe that Superintendent Frailty owes the employees of the district an apology as well as all the residents of the district. We do not know if he has obtained information concerned with those eligible to vote but have not registered for all the residents of the Katy ISD service area. 

I do not know if any employee will file a harassment suit against the Superintendent or an ethics violation but I am sure that a highly educated person like Superintendent Frailey is guilty of extremely bad judgement in this instance.




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