Why the Left is Truly the Dark Side

These are not my original thoughts, I listened to Glenn Beck’ radio show today. He elaborated on the following which I had never given much thought. If you are a Conservative you are probably proud to say:

  1. I am a Christian, Jew or person who believes in God.
  2. I believe in the Constitution.
  3. America was founded on Judeo-Christian Principles.
  4. I believe in the free market.
  5. I believe in individual freedom and responsibility.
  6. I believe that America, with all her flaws, is by far the Greatest Nation on Earth. It always has been and I believe it is worth preserving.

If you are a Liberal you will never admit that:

  1. You are a Marxist.
  2. You are a Statist.
  3. You do not value the individual.
  4. You are a Communist.
  5. The American People are too stupid to know what is good for them.

But if you are a Liberal you will say:

  1. The Government knows best.
  2. You are a proud Democrat.
  3. You are a Progressive.
  4. Anyone who disagrees with you must be demonized and marginalized because you can’t make a cogent argument against most of their principles and beliefs.

It is interesting that Conservatives are willing and able to express all of their beliefs to the American public but the Liberals cannot express all their beliefs to the American public because their belief system is contrary to that of the vast majority of Americans. The Truth sets Conservatives Free while The Truth will Condemn Liberals.

Liberals must hide in the dark while Conservatives can bask in the light of day.

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