Lloyd Dogget Wants to be Czar of Texas

By Bill Proctor, PhD

By inserting and amending the language that the Senate passed, (the  FAA Authorization & Education Jobs Stimulus Bill) Lloyd Doggett’s action will discriminate against Texas. This amendment singles out only the State of Texas.  I didn’t add anything about summarizing this paragraph as we discussed.  I just can’t make it work without seeing it. 

The following language was taken from a letter sent to Speaker Pelosi by the Texas Republican Delegation in Congress addressing the Doggett amendment:  

“It would force Texas to certify the maintenance of fiscal year 2011 funding levels for two additional fiscal years, above and beyond the one-year requirement imposed on all other 49 States. This provision would have Texas violate her own State Constitution.  

The Texas Legislature has sole authority to determine State appropriations.  Moreover, one Legislature cannot bind a future Legislature.  Requiring the State to assure that a future Texas Legislature would commit to spend funds in accordance with these provisions would violate the Texas Constitution. Texas is constitutionally prohibited from meeting these severe restrictions, and no other state in the nation is subject to these additional requirements. 

According to the Congressional Research Service, the State’s share of the $10 billion is estimated to be over $830 million.  By adding the additional two-year requirement, the House language only punishes Texas students and teachers.” 

Lloyd Doggett’s amendment will usurp the legal authority of the Office of the Governor of Texas and the Texas Legislature. Doggett should immediately face a recall or at a minimum be removed by the people of Texas from Congress in the November election. 

Lloyd Doggett is no longer a Texan. Although I have only lived in Texas since 2005 I am more of a Texan that Doggett. Being a Texan means:

  • You take great pride in living in the Republic of Texas.
  • You protect the sovereignty of Texas in accordance with the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.
  • You are not a Statist who wants to cede all power and authority to the Federal government.
  • You are not a pawn in Obama’s Socialist Agenda designed to cripple the economy of Texas through Cap and Trade, and take over education through the “Race to the Top Initiative.” 

Since the Clinton administration initiated direct lending for higher education and other education reforms, this country has been on the road to implementing a Ministery of Education. The Bush administration’s “No Child Left Behind” was a further erosion of the right of the states in matters of education. 

During my career I was visited by members of the ministery of education from: Japan, Chile, Australia, and Sweden. All of these ministries controlled education in their countries from the central government. 

Lloyd Doggett is assisting the Obama Agenda of Statist and Socialism in our country. In order to fully implement this agenda Texas must become subservient to the Federal Government. 

It is my hope that all Texans recognize Doggett for what he is doing and stop the Obama agenda. 

Bill Proctor is a retired educator. He has over thirty years of experience at the local, state, and national level in education. He served in Florida as a Vice President of a Community College, Assistant Executive Director of the Florida Community College System, Executive Director of the Florida Postsecondary Education Planning Commission for fourteen years, and Executive Director of the Florida Council for Education Policy, Research and Improvement for five years. His work during the last nineteen years of his career can be viewed at: http://www.cepri.state.fl.us/.


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