Medina Has A Blowout!

I have read much over the last several days concerning the Debra Medina interview on the Glenn Beck radio show February 11. [transcript here].

Countless pundits and bloggers have chimed in with opinion and analysis, some attacking Medina as a lightweight and worse, others attacking Beck as a Republican (or even a Liberal) plant.

But I think most of them might be missing a larger point. It’s not about fumbling an answer to a question. It’s about how she handled the fumble. Instead of coming out and saying something like, “You know, I blew it bad when Glenn asked me about being a 9/11 Truther. This stuff about the Feds actively participating in some kind of conspiracy is a bunch of crap and I wouldn’t have anybody associated with my campaign who believes it.”

Instead, she comes out and spins her answer into having the right to “question the government.” …Please!

I want to support a candidate who is willing to admit they messed up and their behavior doesn’t then betray them.

This is about integrity. Debra Medina has based a large part of her candidacy on fighting corruption and lack of integrity among many of our elected officials. In her handling of this, Medina has taken a significant (possibly fatal) hit on her integrity.

Many of Medina’s supporters are (were) marginal at best and like rats jumping off a sinking ship they will be the first to abandon her.

It’s like having a tire blowout on the last lap of a race and no time for a pit stop!

Milton Richards


3 responses to “Medina Has A Blowout!


    “There is no doubt in my mind that Muslim terrorists flew planes into those buildings on 9/11. I have not seen any evidence nor have I ever believed that our government was involved or directed those individuals in any way.”

    The full Medina statement here:

  2. Debra had a bad interview. It happens to all politicians every now and then. It’s actually surprising it didn’t happen before now, given that she is not a career politician; she’s not slick like Rick Perry or experienced at avoiding the issue like Kay Bailout. Glenn Beck was looking to ambush her, and because of her inexperience he was able to do it. The important thing is that she came out later the same day and cleared up her position.

    We have to stay focused on the most important task at hand, which is to elect a governor that is going to stand up for Texas against the rising tide of socialism and encroachments on individual liberty emanating from Washington.

    Debra Medina has done an outstanding job telling us all how she’s going to defend Texas. Hutchison has been a part of Washington for 17 years, and I think views the governorship as some sort of retirement gig. Perry talks a good game, but often sells out conservative principles when the rubber meets the road (although experience has shown that if we scream loudly enough, he will get back in line temporarily).

    We have an important decision to make, and it should be made on the issues that are most important for Texas.

  3. This is a teachable moment.
    Many students said “Why did they let the good teachers go and keep th bad ones”
    Remind them – they have no choice because of the union’s rules.

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