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Medina Has A Blowout!

I have read much over the last several days concerning the Debra Medina interview on the Glenn Beck radio show February 11. [transcript here].

Countless pundits and bloggers have chimed in with opinion and analysis, some attacking Medina as a lightweight and worse, others attacking Beck as a Republican (or even a Liberal) plant.

But I think most of them might be missing a larger point. It’s not about fumbling an answer to a question. It’s about how she handled the fumble. Instead of coming out and saying something like, “You know, I blew it bad when Glenn asked me about being a 9/11 Truther. This stuff about the Feds actively participating in some kind of conspiracy is a bunch of crap and I wouldn’t have anybody associated with my campaign who believes it.”

Instead, she comes out and spins her answer into having the right to “question the government.” …Please!

I want to support a candidate who is willing to admit they messed up and their behavior doesn’t then betray them.

This is about integrity. Debra Medina has based a large part of her candidacy on fighting corruption and lack of integrity among many of our elected officials. In her handling of this, Medina has taken a significant (possibly fatal) hit on her integrity.

Many of Medina’s supporters are (were) marginal at best and like rats jumping off a sinking ship they will be the first to abandon her.

It’s like having a tire blowout on the last lap of a race and no time for a pit stop!

Milton Richards