The Emperor by Bill Proctor

Once upon a time in 2009 the American People blindly established a new, unconstitutional office – The Imperial Office of the President. The new Emperor, in his mind only, B. O. was surrounded in his isolated Castle of Oz by a cast of egomaniacal misfits called the Yes People. They were lead by Princess Nancy of Facelift and Prince Harry of Nearly Dead. 

He banished almost half of his Knights (men and women) who opposed him, putting them outside the Castle and closing the drawbridge. The moat and surrounding area were protected by the Media Trolls. These trolls go by the names of Matthews, Olberman, Maddow, Begala, and others. They would snap and bite at anyone who approached the castle or disagreed with Emperor B. O. 

The stench from what was being cooked up behind the closed drawbridge permeated the land. Court Jesters Emanuel and Axelrod exclaimed to the people; “These foul smelling, poisonous brews are good for you” their trickery was to no avail. 

The people; protected by the Great FOX and his friends Bill, Glen, Sean, Greta, and the money guru the Great and Powerful Cavuto; warned the people not to drink of any of these foul brews. 

As the stench grew stronger over the land a family of Patriots known as the Tea People grew strong and powerful.  Their numbers grew larger by the day. Yet, the castle sentinels keep telling the Emperor that the Tea People were few in numbers. 

In November of 2010 the voices of the Tea People caused the walls of the Castle Obama to begin to crumble, Prince Harry of Nearly Dead was a casualty of the falling walls along with a number of village idiots who lived within the Castle walls. 

By November of 2012 the Castle was completely gone. The Tea People warned the American public never to fall asleep again and let another Castle be built. 

The Tea People let all Americans know that their strength came from their faith, their family and their belief in a sacred government document called the Constitution. 

The Representative Republic was restored; the people became ever vigilant of their government. And everyone lived happily ever after. 

God Bless the hard work each and every one of you are doing for the Katy Tea Party. You are making a difference in helping the American people take our country back.


4 responses to “The Emperor by Bill Proctor

  1. I admit that this post is a little off topic.

    But from the point of view of finding a strategy to get past the entrenched interest that have made such a mess, it is very relevant.

    There is a better way to run elections that would
    ( I think ) lead to better people and many more tea party types being elected.

    It is called approval voting.


  2. Rita Bonarrigo

    I loved your comparison to the Emperor Has No Clothes story, and unfortunately for us – it’s too, too true.
    How may I join the Katy Tea Party?

  3. This was FANTASTIC. I agree wholeheartedly with the entire analogy. The castle will fall!!

  4. I hope and pray that your prediction is correct, especially the live happily ever after part. I am very worried for the future of this country and believe the Tea Party to be the last bastion of hope for returning this country to being the REPUBLIC that it was intended to be. Please keep up the good work and I am willing to help when and where possible.

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