Political Correctness Kills

We now live in an era where our Government and the Media embrace political correctness. Our society has indoctrinated with the idea to “profile” dangerous people within our boarders on the basis of race, sex, age, ethnicity, or religion even when perpetrators of heinous crimes fit many of those profiles is unacceptable.

Earlier this week Major Nidal Malik Hasan, a psychiatrist in the US Army with a long history of supporting fundamentalist Islamic causes, killed 13 brave Americans and wounded about thirty others.

The CIA had investigated him for six months, and the Army was well aware of his blogs a web site. He was being “observed.” Our President, Barack Hussein Obama, has stated that incident this should not be considered an act of terrorism. This is a weak response to a person who publicly stated contempt for the US Army being involved in a military action against a Muslim country.

To paraphrase an old Elvis quote, “Common sense has left the building in America” and our leaders and the press have as much backbone as jelly fish. They refuse to take any criticism for doing the right thing. Standing up for American values and not being afraid to confront evil. Keeping all your critics happy with Political Correctness will get people killed.

We live in a litigious society where there is more concerne about being sued for “profiling” rather than protecting our people. The profiling prrocess has proven very effective in other countries and helped them avoid catastrophies. TSA would rather check someone’s grandmother from an Italian Catholic background than check a young Muslim man or woman getting ready to board an airplane.

I will finish by slightly changing a poem that I learned as a child – This is the Grave of Mike O’Day, his instincts were right but his will was not strong and he is dead because his actions were wrong.

Americans need to grow some thick skin, and if they are stopped and checked they should be thankful that people are out to protect us. Every time I have been pulled aside for a personal check at an airport I tell the screener, Thanks and by the way check everyone else behind me in line.

Due to the constraints we have put on the people who try and keep us safe, we are no longer safe. Major Nidal Hisan Malik has the body count to prove it.


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