Stealth Senate Health Care Bill S-1776 To Pass Next Week

On Tuesday, October 13th, Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) introduced S.1776, the “Medicare Physicians Fairness Act”. The bill would repeal the sustainable growth rate (SGR) formula that is currently used to establish annual Medicare physician payment updates.
Senate Bill 1776 would wipe away $240 Billion of the Medicare deficit to allow Congress to eliminate some of the real debt of the Medicare program with the stroke of a pen. The promise of a new, but yet undefined, Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate formula appears to be a trade off to the AMA and AARP. This Bill appears to be a part of the overall strategy to pass Obama Care. It has been further reported that the Democratic Leadership is pushing a critical vote on a motion to waive the budget act with respect to the bill. Back in June when the AMA and AARP came out in support of Obama Care, it seemed very odd to most Americans that these groups would join together. Many are suspicious of the “Fast Tract” of this bill that is unknown to the public. It may be one of the Trojan Horses which will be used to pass Obama Care by paying off the AMA and AARP.
While this bill may be innocuous, it neither passes the “smell test” nor the “Transparency Test” that Americans desire. Health Care is at least a ways from passing. Why the critical nature of this Bill NOW – next week
This Bill, S 1776 MUST BE FILIBUSTERED until its ramifications become clear to the Senate and the Public. Please Contact All Republican Senators and Conservative Democratic Senators.


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