Roy Rogers’ Horse was named Trigger

I bet you are wondering why this headline appears on our blog? Also I am sure younger readers are wondering “Who was Roy Rogers?” Well, he was a Movie and TV cowboy in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Roy had a horse named Trigger. What is the big deal with Trigger? You see those yahoos in Congress are up to it again. (Cowboys used this word for a bunch of irrational people that represent the worst side of humanity.) They want a Trigger (Trojan Horse) placed in the health care bill.

The Trigger would automatically bring into law the Government Option to health care if certain conditions were not met by the existing providers of health care insurance. Definition: They plan to put unreasonable conditions in the “New Health Care Bill” knowing full well that their objective is to put the original concepts of HR 3200 Government Health Care into law when the conditions are Triggered. Tell all of your Congressional Delegation and everyone else in Congress that if there is to be a bill it should not have a Trigger in it.

Let’s let Roy Rogers and his horse Trigger rest in peace along with the left wing ideas about Health Care.


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