Obama’s Speech to Our Youth 9-8-09

[9/2/09 e-mail to Katy 912ers re-posted with permission from Eddie Gallegos.]

Good afternoon, everyone.

Normally, I don’t like to to send mass mail, but this issue is so absurd, I want to make certain everyone is on the same page.

By now, we have all heard that Obama will speak to our children next week on Tuesday, September 8. The social networking sites and blogs are on fire regarding this issue. Well, there is more to this story.

Apparently, school boards were never informed about this broadcast; rather, the Department of Education contacted principals directly. What does this mean? It means, as Obama has done with the czars, bypassed elected officials, e.g., school board members, and is counting on principals to decide what is best for the classrooms. This further means that, in this situation, the authority of the school board has been neutralized. Does this sound familiar?

Remember the language in the spendulus package which allowed state legislatures to circumvent the authority of a governor by allow the legislature to decide whether or not to accept spendulus money for a state – a duty that should be in the hands of the governors?

Please, this is a very serious issue. I urge you to contact your children’s schools, principals, and teachers. Obama has crossed the line many times, but the indoctrination of our children cannot and should not be tolerated.

Thank you,

Eddie Gallegos


4 responses to “Obama’s Speech to Our Youth 9-8-09

  1. [Posted with permission from Eddie Gallegos.]

    Good evening, everyone.

    Just a couple of hours ago, I sent out an email regarding Obama’s speech to our children next week on Tuesday, September 8. In order to address all of the responses I’ve received so far (and they were very thoughtful and inquisitive), I’ll attempt to provide as much information as possible with what is currently available to us.

    One question I received pertained to whether or not the Clinton administration was as bad as this one. The answer is no. Clinton at least had an understanding of the people. This president does not; hence so many czars to make policy on topics in which they have no schooling.

    Now, to the issue regarding the “speech”. Take a look at the fallout from a pro-Obama video shown to elementary school children. This story is as recent as yesterday. That’s not all. Here is a link to a youtube video in which actors “pledge” to help Obama. Look at the “related videos” to the right of this link. There are numerous other links in the same vein available to all, and, as noted in the news story, the same kind of video shown to elementary school children.

    In addition to the speech is a set of instructions for teachers to follow to compliment the speech. Ask yourself – why would children, your children, be asked to describe how Obama has inspired them? What purpose does that serve if not to impress on our youth the pseudo-importance (aka, narcissism) of one person?

    Here is a link I had found at hotair.com this afternoon regarding this issue. This blog posting is urging parents to keep their children home next Tuesday, but I want to expand on that based on what I’ve read today. In the interest of fairness, I admit I don’t have children; however, I’m going to strongly encourage my sister-in-law to allow me to keep my godson for the day, because Obama does not say anything without a message being hidden in his words.

    Here are some of the suggestions/actions others across this nation are taking on that day:

    1. Keep you child/children home on that day;
    2. Send your child/children to school but demand the school provide an alternative venue for him/them during the “speech”; excused children should not be subjected to ANY of the accompanying “lesson plan”;
    3. Attend school with your child/children for the speech;
    4. If a parent attends his child’s/children’s school for the event, have a cell phone with vid capabilities/recording capabilities;
    5. If a child/children goes to school on that day, let them know it’s okay to challenge any message he doesn’t agree with (children are smarter than the left believes);

    There are those who believe that the “right-wing” is getting hysterical over nothing, but listen in his own words here, and Michelle Obama doing the same here.

    As I’m typing this, the pressure has reached D.C. Here is a link regarding how the WH is removing some of the language from its learning material. Do you see how grassroots and the access to information can affect government?

    One last reminder – here in the state of Texas, schools do no like when children are absent from school for the first few months of the year because absenteeism affects their annual budget. As I had said in my first email, get involved by calling teachers, principals, anyone at school to provide your input. I would bet dollars to donuts that administrations would not like the thought of losing funding if they don’t accommodate parents/guardians who oppose this indoctrination.

    Each of us wants to do what is in the best interests of our child/children. Each of us has to decide what to do that day. That the left is going after the minds of our children is a disgrace.

    I pray that we have the strength to do what is right. And I hope that all of you do what you believe is right.

    Thank you,

    Eddie Gallegos

  2. [9/3/09 e-mail re-posted with permission from Eddie Gallegos.]

    Good morning, everyone.

    While checking my email, I found this response to the emails I had sent out yesterday. After reading through it, I can see why the sender responded with this story. I feel that it is important enough to pass along to all of you. There are distinct parallels in what is written here and what we have seen transpire in our nation since January 20. What stands out to me in this story is the paragraph about “approved” radio stations. While writing my second email last evening, I was listening to Hannity interview Michelle Malkin. In that interview, Michelle discussed how our government was using strongarm tactics to try to silence some stations that challenged Obama. Of course, I’m certain we’re all familiar with the “diversity” czar and the backdoor tactics he’s pursuing to shut down talk radio.

    For safety purposes, I’ve removed the sender’s name and email. A few days ago, I received an email from one of my other Meetup groups stating that one of its member received a death threat after attending a townhall meeting hosted by Rep. Kevin Brady. This is the level of control and intimidation the left exercises.

    Hi Eddie I would like you to pass this information on to everyone on your list.

    My mother grew up in Hitler’s Germany – she lived across the border in the Sudetenland in Western Czechoslovakia. She was around 4 when WWII began. During this war Hitler required SCHOOL CHILDREN to sign up for the Hitler Youth Program, where the children could be indoctrinated with His specialness and his leadership and their obedience to him (emphasis on obedience). School children were taught to REPORT ON their parents private conversations that took place in the home – any parents who had anti-government conversations were to be turned in to the Hitler Youth Leader by the children (all children are great at tattling on their parents because they do not understand what they are really doing, my kids have done it to me at times, by letting little things slip that were no one’s business, because they overheard something and did not realize that it was confidential to our household). Uniforms were given out, and attendance was taken. Reverence and worship for Hitler were taught to the children; disobedience to parents was encouraged, and telling on them was mandatory by the children.

    Hitler also required adults to work for the government doing grunt-labor on-call. my mother remembers the SS coming by the home on winter evenings and demanding that her father shovel snow as a direct order to do so now – it did not matter if the person commanded to do so was ill, in the middle of something, or what – they had to do it.

    Another thing Hitler did (and this concerns me with that new tv device on tv’s) is that Hitler sent the SS officers to drive around neighborhoods with a special device to detect what radio station was being played in the home – if it was disagreeable to the government, the family was sent to concentration camp. My mother remembers this because her mother disobeyed these orders and slipped the radio station to a forbidden station for just a scant few minutes, and learned the war was almost at an end – she checked to see if any ss cars were near first and then quickly changed the station back to “approved” stations – this sounds like that new “media fairness” regulation that is going out – are they watching us somehow?

    Everyone remembers how much the Jews (and other groups) suffered; But NO ONE remembers that the German people or those that Hitler did not consider “unacceptable” were forced to obey Hitler against their wishes on many occasions. This is a vital part of the whole Jewish story – for if people had not been forced to obey Hitler, then nothing would have gone wrong for the Jews and others in the camps. But Hitler frightened people into obeying the government and HE STARTED WITH THE CHILDREN, who made great tattle tales on their parents.

    Please pass this on to everyone. I don’t think anyone realizes this and it is something people need to be educated on PRONTO.

    Thank you for sharing, I may go to school and cause a ruckus, by saying loudly “that’s what Hitler taught!” and stuff like that. Or I may keep my kids home. I have not decided.

    This is all getting very scary. keep me posted.

  3. It always starts innocently.

  4. Some are defending this speech but the original intent was highly political with the Department of Education producing materials that suggested how students can help Obama. Only after a strong push back by We the People did the character of the speech appear to change. It would have been embarrassing for him to cancel the speech so his advisers, Czars, whatever; gave him a more palatable game plan.

    I would have had no problem if he would have given details in advance outlining how he was going to deal with a stay in school speech. But for anyone to believe that “stay in school” was his original intent is very naive.

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