Wake up America!

We have only just begun to build on the energy and enthusiasm that you provided at our first demonstration a few weeks ago in Katy.
We have secured a location for our 4th of July rally. We are in the process of building a website and Kris has been busy getting us on Tweeter (search Katy Tea) , and on Facebook (search Katy Texas Tea Party for the group and Katy Tea for the page) and organizing more support. We have had support and coordination from the Texas Patriots and Houston Patriots. Now we need leaders.
We need a few good men and women volunteers to help lead the following working groups:
1.) Technology: This individual will lead a team and help develop and maintain our website, email and all technology accounts.
2.) Finance: So that our fundraising campaigns always remain open book and beyond question I need a great individual to lead the group in the position of
comptroller. Keep the books, money and accounts.
3.) Media: This team leader will lead a group and interact with the local media to notify and communicate our activities in the community. Print, Radio and Television.
4.) Events: To grow to the level potential that we have we need a talented individual to lead a group in securing and maintaining speakers for our rallys, focus rallys and visions of our cause.
5.) Fundraising: Whether it be 1 stamp on a letter, selling iced tea and hot dogs, T-shirts or other great ideas I need a team leader who can lead a group in building and marketing our vision to rally attendee’s.
6.) Political watch dog’s. This group under your leadership will be our eyes. Watching local representatives and reporting back on thier activities. You will also be actively involved in formulating our agenda’s for town hall meetings as local politicians run for office.
Our focus: Abide by the constitution, hold them accountable to it. July 4th tea
party will be here soon. Be a part.
God Bless,
Jennifer Heiden

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